DENON DJ MC6000MK2 Review – Part I




DENON DJ MC6000MK2  may be the recently launched entry level Electronic DJ control for that Leader and Serato DJ selection. This new compact and completely USB-Driven control has got the accustomed 16 Efficiency Mat format, aluminum-top jog-wheels, integral Low-Pass/High-Pass filter buttons, and comes included using the Serato DJ Introduction application.

Setup & First Impressions
The DENON DJ MC6000MK2  is a superb recent addition for the stronger and much more costly DDJ-SZ, DDJ-SX, and DDJ-SR while still keeping many of the functions and capabilities which are located on the pricier versions. The DDJ SB includes a new technique up its sleeve named the Filter Diminish style which allows DJis to crossfade the audio while simultaneously applying a Higher-Cross filter. The DDJ SB nevertheless has got the accustomed metal top jog-wheels, warm hints, cycle handles, results, and test controls right where they’re anticipated. The DENON DJ MC6000MK2 come included with Serato DJ Introduction rather than the full-out Serato DJ application which absolutely assists about the cost and also the simplicity of use for novices.

The DENON DJ MC6000MK2  includes a really small impact and it is made from mainly plastic. The plastic does feel finer than that located on the greater DDJ SR/SX versions, however it nevertheless feels as though it’ll endure through regular use. I’d be cautious during transportation and make certain there’s a carrier or situation guarding it when it’s not being used. The entire small dimension of the DDJ SB allows you to locate a carrier or situation as it’s comparable dimension like a Traktor Kontrol S2 or Vestax VCI 380.


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Mainly all the switches about the DENON DJ MC6000MK2  illuminate an extremely vibrant amber shade to allow the person understand what is energetic in a look. The 16 rubber efficiency patches give a responsive sense by having an audible press when pushed plus they have quick-response for doing DJis. These patches execute numerous capabilities including Transportation handles about the base rows (Perform/Stop, Signal, Sync, & Change), and Hotcue, Circles, and Sampler on top lines. The DDJ SB doesn’t have a power also it should be attached to a PC all the time to be able to operate the system with application. All the lamps continue to be really vibrant and also the quantities of the headset and RCA primary results are sufficient enough for live show circumstances whilst operating from only Hardware energy.

The DENON DJ MC6000MK2  is just a completely MIDI Mappable DJ control that may use just about any DJ application on the marketplace today. For this evaluation, we just examined the unit using the provided Serato DJ Introduction software program that accompany the control, as this is exactly what many customers find yourself applying once they buy the device. If customers need more control along with a fuller DJ application expertise, then DJ’s may update fully Serato DJ application. All the capabilities created about the DDJ SB in red are capabilities that only Serato DJ pro-users will have the ability to make use of including Warm hints 5-8, Cycle-Move, Warm-Cycle, more test banks, and slip-mode. At that time of composing this evaluation, there have been no accessible mappings for Traktor about the Numark site, but I came across a variety of mappings online having a simple google search.

The setup of the Control is very easy. Within the container, there’s merely a Flash cable along with a software CD which has the windows individuals and also the Serato DJ Launch application. Customers may possibly deploy the program in the disk or they are able to check out the Leader and Serato sites to obtain the required documents. Once it’s all saved and mounted everything is simply easy plugandplay. Customers don’t need to mess with any additional choices or choices possibly… Basically plug-in your speakers through the provided RCA results, plug-in a headset and microphone in to the side-panel of the system and you’re prepared to perform your digital-audio files through the program and also the DENON DJ MC6000MK2 . There’s merely a simple RCA result about the back again to result your collection. You will find no extra results aside from the headset jacks on the right-side of the system. There’s 1 / 4-inch microphone feedback also on the right-side of the system using its own specific volume button aswell.

Unboxing Video

The DENON DJ MC6000MK2  has all the primary functions and capabilities that the DJ’s requirement for mixing and beatmatching. All the buttons (EQ’s, Results, etc.) possess a hard-plastic experience for them however they permit simple and sufficient changes that usually fall into line using the application. The three-band EQ buttons are COMPLETE-DESTROY when totally rejected plus they seem great general. A large plus for that DDJ SB may be the addition of Large/Low-Pass filter buttons for every terrace. Only at that price point you don’t often observe filter buttons, but it’s excellent to determine them about the DDJ SB. Within the upper-middle of the whole device, there’s an oversized Search penis, back-button, along with a Weight remaining and Weight right button for document navigation as well as for launching fresh monitors onto the units. The Headset Degree and Signal/Grasp handles for headphone monitoring are observed in the centre of the DDJ SB combined with the two SIGNAL switches which are usedto pre-pay attention to units A and W before combining live. The only Master-Level volume-control button can also be in the centre of the control.