DENON DJ X1800 Review Serato

Again at NAMM 2015 (that’s the main one from over this past year), Denon DJ pressed out the very first pictures of the merchandise that signaled an enormous change within the connection between Serato and its own equipment partners. Up to relatively recently, Rane and Serato had loved a unique DVS connection, however, Serato determined that it desired to start to see others. So that they did, and Denon may be the first and only organization beyond Rane to place out a Serato particular audio software, which interface is known as the Denon DJ DS1.

The issue is so what can Denon bring that Rane interfaces can’t? Let’s search in.


Very first thing — while I’m speaking at length concerning the real equipment, the DENON DJ X1800 is just a total deal to obtain you ready to go with Serato DJ like a DVS. Therefore that’s equipment, wires, and handle plastic/CDs in one single container. You’ll have to register using the Serato website to obtain your backup of Serato DJ, but there’s nothing else to pay for within the container cost.

Anything to notice — the plastic within this first-run may be the Punky Reggae Occasion pushing which by itself provides value. It’s quite a deal also, with a few interest being lavished on the DENON DJ X1800 identification, which is really a great strategy considering parent organization inMusic’s quality path for that manufacturer. It’s interesting that it’s this type of large box for this type of little container, however, you can’t move away from plastic being 12? really. Having said that, using the present 7? fascination, possibly a 45 edition may hit the industry. I had been really likely to operate that being a May trick, but being a thought it might function.

To explain — the Denon DJ DS1 is made for two units only. Nomenclature smart, I’d have named it the DENON DJ X1800 to create it precisely obvious what it will. But who understands — possibly this is the only real software originating from Denon, or maybe it simply indicates the very first, or certainly alone. Nowadays, individuals appear pleased to invest lots of cash on the machine and software mixed, therefore my guess is the fact that Serato is likely to be concentrating on that — the brand new Mixers Mixture is proof of this.

And this is actually the crucial function of the DENON DJ X1800 — it’s small. Not trousers pocket small, however, it is somewhat smaller than any Rane software, actually the DENON DJ X1800 that’s the normal rival. And having observed inside many a DJ’s careers, the room is complete with a quality, therefore trying out what’s around 40% less room is just a deserving saving.

Develop smart, it’s only a little container. The little body gives towards the durability, and it is just one extruded situation with end-plates to protect the innards. The RCAs and Hardware experience strong and prone to endure lots of unplugging, therefore my general sensation is among quality. I actually do suggest a little delicate event to maintain the DS1 secure within the severe atmosphere of the DJ career, however.

And often with room-saving comes unavoidable element reductions. However, in the situation of the DENON DJ X1800, it functions for function just like the SL2, besides that there’s no exterior energy for that DENON DJ X1800, and it is USB-powered only. This is actually the greatest specialized distinction between your Rane and also the Denon interfaces — when driven, the Rane interfaces could be performed through to ensure that DJs may exchange notebooks around and never need to remove the software. I believe nonetheless the DS1 is pitched as more of the individual system and never a shared deploy, therefore while it’d be useful to truly have the energy choice, I suppose the biggest percentage of customers don’t actually need it. To become obvious, you may still play-through the DS1, however, it needs to link for your notebook AND operating Serato DJ in thru style, since it wants energy.

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Even though about them of Serato DJ, the DENON DJ X1800 is clearly created for it. Therefore for all those searching for a little alternative to an aging SL1, the DS1 won’t use Damage Stay. It’s worth putting that it’s a class-compliant small audio software also, and helps as much as 96kHz sample rate, that will be an edge within the SL2’s 48kHz rate. I remain unconvinced of the particular worth of 96kHz in regular use, but individuals appear to worry about it.
SIDE NOTE: There’s a Mac firmware update (v1.01) that hinders the capability to alter the machine stage quantity while using the DS1 being an audio software. I obtain the reason behind it, but I love getting the versatility. I didn’t update and also the DS1 worked just good.


It’s the same as every other program of its type — deploy application, place turntable RCAs into the entrance, Hardware to the notebook, and RCAs from DS1 to machine line inputs. All being nicely (also it undoubtedly was for me personally), the DENON DJ X1800 works with no additional individuals or setup. It blocked and performed with no problem using the fresh Serato DJ v1.8.2. As well as the latest 1.9 beta under OSX 10.11.3, including damaging with Pulselocker monitors. Audio-wise… just like something electronic that depends upon the origin, but it sounded… like there is nothing wrong with it. Appears like an expression to make use of, but everything nowadays seems excellent. Therefore it becomes an of whether you’ll find something truly incorrect, and that I couldn’t.

I really could get into depth, however, it could be useless. Utilizing a DVS software is just a clear factor — plug, perform, unplug, completed. With this type of basic system, there’s no conversation at all, if you don’t have to change the inputs to line-level to support CDs with timecode. The entire encounter is placed and overlook. But I’ll mention the purpose again about elective power-on the SL2 since it’s an essential one should you intend to reveal your DS1 in a. It’ll just play-through while being driven by Hardware and operating Serato DJ, therefore within this regard, the Rane DENON DJ X1800 does absolutely possess the advantage but at a cost. It doesn’t imply that you can’t make use of a DS1 in a shared atmosphere, however, it can make switchovers a bit more challenging.


Evaluations should be created using the SL2 since in a store you’ll be confronted with simply the DENON DJ X1800 and also the SL2 as primary competitors. The tips are:

Dimensions: The DENON DJ X1800 wins without the doubt. As well as in your typical DJ career, size issues.

You’ve to sort out if you like to pay for the addition to get an established DVS title and also the extra energy function.

Features: Nearly similar, however, the capability of the SL2 to become driven and stay attached to play-through whenever a notebook is unplugged might be crucial for a lot of. The SL2 also works together with Damage Stay, but that’s aged application today and it’s time for you to move ahead.

Fundamentally, the Denon DJ DS1 is just a great DVS deal. It attracts a brand new line-in the mud for dimension and cost, and if you don’t definitely should have the Rane emblem that you experienced and also the energy functions, the DENON DJ X1800 is most likely the go-to two-deck Serato DJ software.