Leader is just a manufacturer whois title is becoming inseparable from club-culture. It’s no easy job to be always a “club-standard”, anything you’ll discover in nearly every individual membership in the world. Sure you will find additional manufacturers that provide amazing items, but none have acquired the grip available on the market like Leader, with equipment like their game-changing CDJs, for their recently shaped prominence of the electronic world. Initially produced as software to arrange your audio, DENON DJ MC7000 has converted into a complete-taken DJ application, that was a daring however organic transfer, considering Serato and Traktor already-owned the picture. However for those people who arenot into digital DJing, Rekordbox DJ is clearly very accustomed to make use of in the event that you are a lover of the initial item.

Being a electronics organization, Leader normally produced controllers to-go with their new application. Enter the DENON DJ MC7000 , among the businesses first Rekordbox-certain controllers, targeted at getting unparalleled control within the application for your fingertips. Nowadays we have a look in the equipment from not just a specialized and efficiency view, but additionally from the low-control-person point-of view.

What exactly is it? The DENON DJ MC7000 is just a two-deck, four-channel DJ control having a built-in machine and soundcard. It’s 10 inputs and 6 results. On each terrace you will find ten drum patches, in addition to a jog-wheel, looping capabilities, hook research, and four fx buttons. Being this is just a four-channel control, each aspect also offers a double patio terrace select, letting you operate units one and three about the remaining, and two and four about the right. This really is excellent since it starts up the chance of operating multiple-terrace combinations with comparable simplicity, anything you simply cannot do with only two CDJs.

Something I like by what DENON DJ MC7000 did with this specific control, is the fact that it managed to get nearly 100% on the job, meaning you are able to basically never contact your notebook the whole program. In the top of the machine is just a button which allows one to browse in Rekordbox, and you will find “Weight” switches that determine the monitor towards the matching terrace. For me, the less you contact your notebook, the greater. It requires from the entire expertise if you should be usually hunched over your PC searching for issues.

The drum/fx patches are actually enjoyable to perform with. They’ve a pleasant company however delicate sense, and supply you using the capability to create and perform warm hints, use mat managed results, piece defeat sequences, and make use of a sampler to produce and report awesome designs. The results act like those you had discover on DJM, but give a degree of playability you cannot have on the regular machine.

Talking about utilizing results, the four buttons at the very top of every terrace permit you to manage the moist degree of the identical effects you receive about the DJM-900, my own favorite being control. What I truly appreciate is the fact that you could have numerous results being used in the same period, one more thing you-can’t do about the regular appliances.

Earlier, I stated we are taking a look at the DENON DJ MC7000  from the low-control customers viewpoint. I have provided you a few examples of what I enjoy about that bit of equipment, but one more thing I like is the fact that it is fairly lightweight. I really applied it to perform a little celebration, selecting it over my regular CDJ setup because of insufficient period and persistence of unhooking after which resetting up my equipment. I merely got the control and wires and place it in my own vehicle. Obtaining the control and Rekordbox ready to go was significantly less than one minute as a whole. I’ve no problems establishing my normal equipment, but this is just-so simple and fast that I almost envy it. The format is extremely accustomed to some normal membership setup, therefore those individuals who have never employed one of these simple may experience athome rapidly.

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The run wheels experience skilled, something which truly makes this feel just like an excellent device. This really is something which truly tends to make a great impact. The jog-wheel is where your palm stays a lot of its period, and having a cheap-feeling plate simply truly places a damper about the expertise. The speed faders would be the same you will find on CDJs. The machine seems as being a regular DENON DJ MC7000 , and everything is simply where you had assume it to become. It is also good the control has phono/point inputs to permit one to link CDJs or decks.

Today for that issues I had beennot too keen on. First, it is large. While using the this for house use, or for truly little events with limited-space is okay, I really could never photograph myself getting this to some club. It is cumbersome enough to become really a when not being used. Though setup is fast, it’d take some time for that audio technicians to maneuver it and anything else into position. And it also simply seems needless to create, if you should be ready to utilize a regular setup that’s. I’d certainly worry because of its security after I was not utilizing it. I can not refuse that it’s a good construct along with a fantastic format, but I truly experience it’d simply appear therefore outofplace in a DJ booth. I’dnot hit anybody for utilizing it, however.

As the units experience good, they’re little. Leader has a complete sized plate control, and that I get they have to suit within the container, but I simply enjoy the sense of the full-size terrace. Additionally, I am unsure if I was believing it, however the sound-quality appeared to have an ever so-minor haze/fuzz to it. As the format was clearly completely considered, there’s a little much happening for me personally. The patches are usually lit and you will find lots of lighted switches everywhere. This is not anything key, only a small hate.

So then, what’re my general ideas? As somebody who does not use controllers, I am really pleased. It is common format, in addition to connection to Rekordbox makes it very simple to obtain ready to go. It is constructed nicely and looks great. I’d reasonably never make use of this beyond a house business or little celebration, however it absolutely provides new customers an opportunity to get accustomed to viewing issues they’d observe in a genuine club DJ booth.


– The four-deck capability is very good.
– General solid build. Does not feel inexpensive.
– ideal for newcomers, or people who need anything small and simple to get started.
– It Is a lot more lightweight than the usual regular membership setup.
– Seamlessly integrates with Rekordbox
– Provides lots of innovative methods to perform


– It Is large and cumbersome. Not well suited for membership conditions
– There’s a great deal happening. This is often a little frustrating for brand new DJs.
– Requires computer to be used. No choice for standalone procedure.
– Little jog wheels are a turnoff